Gingrich Just Pulled Back the Curtain on the One Massive Scandal Nobody’s Talking About

The boogeyman for the Left is the capricious and egregious dictatorial abuses of power carried out by the Nixon administration, or so it is alleged and accepted by the media. The criminality of Watergate was shocking and disturbing. It was carried out to supposedly protect the administration of a single president.

Now, reports Spero News, something far more corrupting and broad in scope is occurring and threatens to alter the entire paradigm of this nation.

The Obama and Deep State’s careless and numerous violations of the law proves to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich that what we are witnessing is “the most egregious abuse of the criminal justice process in American history” and that it has placed “the country that you and I know…under siege by a deep state which illegally wants to create a very different America and is willing to break the law and abuse the law.”

Let that sink in. Our national government is in all-out lawlessness mode and is unforgiving in its criminality. This mentality indicates that bureaucrats in DC feel they have more sovereignty than that of the People, that they are the educated elite who need to rectify the ignorance of the masses.

Such arrogance should rankle every American. It exudes the tyranny of plutocrats, an odor that would have alarmed the Patriots of our founding, yet fails to stir the ardor of rightful insurrection.

Gingrich is warning us that this is a war for the very character of America. The shining city on the hill is under siege and about to fall.

America, we need to defend her now more than ever!