Thug Assaults White Man On Bus – ‘You Owe Me For Slavery…’

The mainstream media makes it look like black people are constantly the victims of racial hate crimes at the hands of whites. However, they never report on cases that are the other way around and feature white people being targeted by blacks for the color of their skin.

That’s why CNN isn’t reporting on this case…

Right Wing News reported that a disabled and homeless white man was recently attacked on a public black man who was yelling about how much he hates white people. The victim, a 52 year-old man, asked not to be identified after the attack, which occurred last month.

The perpetrator has been identified as 27 year-old Marquis Evans-Royster, who approached the victim saying, “You owe me for making my grandmother a slave.” The victim remained calm and tried to ignore Evans-Royster, but he then started forcibly going through the older man’s pockets.

When Evans-Royster began assaulting the victim, his fellow passengers approached him and tried to get him to stop. Evans-Royster responded by telling them to back down before spitting in the victims face and threatening that he would throw a jar of urine in his face.

“Who carries around a bottle a urine? If I was the judge, I would send him for mental health evaluation,” said Desi Cureton, a passenger who witnessed the incident.

The bus driver finally threatened to call the police, at which point Evans-Royster ran off the bus without paying and broke off the side mirror of the vehicle on the way.

Tyrone Kenney, 70, was another passenger who witnessed the incident, and he pointed out how different the race-baiters are today from those who were around in his Civil Rights Era back in the 1960s.

“It speaks to the state of the times. People are desperate, they’re looking for leadership, they’re looking for guidance, but they’re not getting it at home, they’re not getting it from government. It’s a period of time I’ve never seen before,” he said.

Luckily, Evans-Royser was later caught, arrested, and charged for his crimes.

This incident shows just how far our society has fallen. The mainstream media has vilified white people to the point where minorities feel like they are justified to attack them to punish them for slavery, even though it was abolished over 150 years ago. It’s ridiculous that the whites of today are being forced to answer for something that happened literally hundreds of years ago.

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